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Medicinal Teas

We have a variety of herbs that we grow and forage then blend into beautiful and nourishing teas.

Our teas are specially crafted to promote wellness in many varying ways.

You can find our blended teas at the Sunshine Shala and on lucky days

we even have some brewing to share!

Medicinal teas are best let to steep for longer periods of time than a traditional herbal tea.

They can be steeped for 10-30 minutes in hot water, or they can be placed in water overnight to enjoy the following day.  

Some of our favorite healing teas are:

Moon Cycle Moon

Relax + Restore

Digestive Ease


Heart Healthy Happy

Lung Love

Cool + Calm

And many more!

All teas are subject to availability. 

Custom Herbal Tea Blend + Consult

Tea is an ancient form of health. Let Carli create one just for you.
Contact us with a summary of what ails you, what inspires you, or simply what you love.

The herbal tea blend will include one tea blend crafted just for you to your personal needs. If you choose the tea and consult you will receive a tea blend and a written consult responding to your personal needs.

To learn more about the written consultation visit the Consultations page.

Each blend is handcrafted to order and subject to seasonal availability.

Herbal Teas + Tea Blends + Custom Teas

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Wild Moon Apothecary grows, harvests, or forages the plant allies used in the products and all plants are treated with care and respect and are harvested ethically and sustainably. For more information on our practices and sources please visit the Apothecary page. 

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