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Consultations + Guided Meditiations

Intuitive Consultations + Guided Meditations

Intuitive consultations will be done only onsite and in conjunction with an intuitive herbal assessment. These consults may include things like tasseography, or tea leaf reading,  which is an ancient form of divination that has been done in households through out the ages, decoding dreams, messages, and meanings, synchronicities, and more. This may be done by simply chatting over a cup of hand-picked tea, walking in the gardens, or through guided meditation. 

Guided mediations come in many forms depending what Carli believes will benefit you and your journey most at the time. These can include heart focus meditations, inner child work, organ focused meditation, and inner council work. In each of these meditations Carli will walk you through the steps to finding yourself, your question, and give youth tools to unlock the answer. 

The form of tea leaf reading that Carli practices is not solely based on intuiting the messages left in the tea cup, but by listening to the whispers of the plants that are carefully chosen to play a part in the reading. If you are going through a difficult time and seeking advice though the wisdom of nature, then this is the divination for you. If you choose to have your leaves read, you will first pick out the herbs for the tea. If it is in the growing season, this could include a stroll through the herb garden gathering fresh leaves. If it is in the hibernating months, this might be picking from jars of dried herbs. Carli will carefully take note of the plants that you choose and what they have to say about your overall question or concern. You will both then prepare the herbs while you are contemplating and formulating your question and details. As you sip the tea to the very end, still thinking and asking, the answers will come. 

 All intuitive consultations and guided meditations are done for donations.

To schedule please email Carli at wildmoonapothecary@gmail.com

or visit the Contact page.

Herbal and Health Consultations


If you are wishing to receive advice or recommendations on health, nutrition, preventative medicine, or healing naturally with a touch of intuition from an experienced and trained professional, Carli has a few different ways for you to get in touch with her.


The simplest would be to schedule a visit in person to the shala for a chat and some tea (see below). If this isn't available to you, you can request a written consult. This is a one time correspondence from Carli via snail mail. You will email her a description of what ails you, what you are hoping to achieve, what you have in mind for health and healing, possible allergies, medications you are taking, lifestyle and/or changes you wish to take place, weekly diet plan, and any other dis-ease you have encountered. You may be in contact with Carli via email just once or many times depending on the questions she has for you and your situation. Once she has enough information and has had enough time to fully process your intake, Carli will compose a letter to you addressing your descriptions with recommendations and advice. This letter can take 2-3 weeks to arrive as there needs to be plenty of time to think, speak with the plants, and dream on your concerns. 

There are written consult options with a tincture, salve, tea, or elixir in the Herbal Apothecary tab. To receive a written consult only, or a consult with an herbal product, please email Carli your desired product, your description, and address at wildmoonapothecary@gmail.com or through the Contact page. Written consults are done for donations so they remain accessible to all.

*Carli is the only one who sees and checks this email. Your privacy is our concern.






‚ÄčAnother way to receive an herbal or health consultation from Carli is to set up an appointment with her and visit the Sunshine Shala. If you decide to visit, Carli will listen to all you have to say carefully, compassionately, and without judgment. Your first consult (and those after) might include things like sipping teas of your choosing, walking through the herb garden, or strolling in the woods. 

You will not receive any advice, recommendations, or medicines at the first consult.

Putting together recommendations takes care and deliberation which takes time.

To receive your recommendations, you will need to schedule a second consult preferably within one to three weeks after your initial intake. There will be an herbal product crafted specifically for you ready if applicable. All consults are done for donations.


To schedule your first consultation with Carli please email her at wildmoonapothecary@gmail.com or visit the Contact page.


*Please note that you will never receive a diagnosis during any consultation. 

Carli believes that by diagnosing you are taking away the healthy and healing mentality. You then allow yourself to become the dis-ease rather than the person with dis-ease. Health is not just of body, but of mind and spirit as well.