Wild moon Exchange

Homemade + Farm Fresh 

Welcome to Wild Moon Exchange, the place where our dreams begin. While the focus of our home is on our bountiful herb garden and handmade herbal products, we have many other gardens that help us achieve our dream of being as self-sufficient as possible. We call our place a homestead because we also grow vegetables, fruits, grains, and raise chickens. While the food is mainly grown for us, we love sharing what ever we may have an overabundance of with others. We truly believe that healthy, fresh, whole foods should be available to all, and we hope that by offering what we can will help spread the word and feeling of health and be a small step toward getting others to think locally, sustainably, and naturally. Our mission is to help others reconnect with the earth and reclaim an earth centered way of life. 

Wild Moon Exchange is located on a little over three acres in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana. While we have plans for expansion in the future, we are working with the land we have now. Living in harmony with the land is not only economical, but sustainable. We utilize practices that do not harm or pollute the land and focus on rebuilding soil and wildlife. We do not use any chemical fertilizers of any kind. Our animals are all raised on the foods nature intended. We are learning as we go, but we hope to inspire others to take steps toward sustainability in their own lives, and we offer the opportunity for others to learn with us as we grow. 

We love visitors and can use all the help we can get. If you are looking to get away and connect with nature while doing some farm work, we would love to have you. While our guest house is still in the works, we do have plenty of space for camping. The stays can be a day or two depending, and while we cannot pay you for your work, we can offer home cooked meals and lots of dog kisses.

If you are interested in a visit to Wild Moon Exchange, please visit the Contact page or email wildmoonexchange@gmail.com.

Free Food Farm Stand

One of our goals at Wild Moon Exchange is to give back. We love to share our farm fresh foods. We believe that fresh, whole, real foods are the key to health, and we hope that by offering what we have extra in the form of a gift will inspire others to follow our lead. We offer free produce and foods during the growing season at our farm stand, provided we have something to offer at the time. To see what farm fresh foods we have available, please visit our small farm stand located out front of our home. You can learn more about our Free Food Farm Stand project by visiting the Free Food Farm Stand page.

Free Seeds

We have also started a seed library here at Wild Moon Exchange as another way to give back and to help people start their own garden. You can visit  our Free Food Farm Stand to look through our seed database, "check out" free seeds, and even add some of your own seeds to the catalog. Check out our Seeds page for details. 


If you love what we do and stand for and would like to help us continue on our path,

you can make a donation below or on our Donate page. 

We appreciate you.