Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit

A few herbal seed packets of saved and loved seeds from our herb garden to get you on our way to starting your own herb garden. We believe in growing things, community, love, and plants.

Simply send us your address and a note saying you would like the herb garden seed starter kit.

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Surprise Seed Packet

We will send you a surprise seed packet from our own loved and saved seeds. 

You may get an herb seed, vegetable seed, or flower seed. Anything is possible!

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All of our seeds are saved from our own personal gardens here at Wild Moon Exchange. We do not charge for seeds. They are tiny gifts of hope for future gardens.

If you like what we stand for and wish to support us in our mission, we graciously accept donations.

To receive seeds, please follow the link provided under the item to email us your address and which item you would like. 

Vegetable Garden Seed Starter Kit

A few packets of a vegetable seeds from our own saved seed library to help you enjoy growing your own food.
We believe in the growing of things.
Send us your address and a note specifying veggie garden seed starter kit.

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Wild moon Exchange Co.

Native Plant Seed Kit

We believe in the power of native plant allies. We will send you a few packets of lovingly collected native plant seeds to plant in your garden and attract helpful pollinators. This can be native sunflowers, milkweeds, and more!

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