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Free Medicine

Free the medicine! Medicine comes in many forms, and is all around us. Healing is an inherent part of nature and of human nature. What we have come to know as medicine is not medicine in its whole form. Allopathic medicine uses synthetic medicines, better known as drugs. Yes, there is a place for allopathy. But there is also a place for herbalism. By partaking in herbalism and natural health we are using preventive medicine. By turning to herbalism for balance we are taking the power of healing and health back into our own hands. Not only do we want to make our herbal medicine affordably available, we want to share with  you the knowledge to practice family herbalism safely and effectively. We believe that health and wellness belong to all. We believe that they are gifts from the earth and our intuition, and we are here to help share and tune in to the natural rhythms. What is free to everyone is the knowledge gifted to us by the earth and plants, the plants that grow wild, and that we tend in our gardens. While we do put a lot of our own energy and intention into making plant medicines, we see them as necessary plant spirits that we are simply passing on to spread knowledge and awareness. We offer all of our herbal medicines to the public for donations only, and we make it our mission to teach how to make plant medicines, and grow and sustainably forage plant allies for your own health and wellness and the overall health of the planet. 

All of our available herbal medicines will be at the Sunshine Shala and at local events. Look for the Free Medicine basket!

You can request a specific medicine to be shipped to you by emailing us through the Contact page. We do kindly ask that you pay for shipping, but before you pay for shipping please email us to check for availability.

All custom medicines will require a consultation. Please visit the Consultations page for details.

Medicines are subject to availability.

If you believe in what we stand for and wish to help us grow and continue our mission, you can make a monetary donation by

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Wild Moon Exchange grows, harvests, or forages the plant allies used in the products and all plants are treated with care and respect and are harvested ethically and sustainably. For more information on our practices and sources please visit the Apothecary page. 
DISCLAIMER: All information is provided for educational purposes only. The information presented is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


Handmade herbal salves by Carli with all homegrown + foraged herbs. 

Custom orders, consults, and home-tested herbal salves.


Custom herbal tinctures right from the garden.