Wild moon Exchange

Free Food Farm Stand

Our gifts from the garden are our gifts to you.

We love sharing when we can. Sometimes we do have too much of a good thing.

We offer our surplus farm fresh produce, herbs, and eggs at the corner of our property at our farm stand for free,

donation, or trade.

We hope to inspire others to grow their own fresh foods by tasting and seeing the radiance of homegrown produce.

We also hope to offer fresh foods to those who cannot grow them themselves or afford organic, local food otherwise.

It is one thing to know your food is local or organic, but it is another to pick it up at the place it was lovingly grown.

Our farm stand is only open during the growing season. It is maintained daily.

To find our stand please email us via the Contact page.

If you love what we stand for and wish to help us continue our mission, you can make a monetary donation

on our Donate page or click below.

Part of our mission is to inspire others to grow relationships with the land and plants and food. One way we hope to help others get back to the land is by offering lovingly saved seeds from our own gardens for free or donation. Check out the link below to see what free seed kits we have to offer! You can also find our Free Seeds basket at our Free Food Farm Stand during the growing season. We encourage you to take a little, and if you have your own seeds, leave a little too!



Grow your own with seeds from our loved and carefully saved seed selection.

All seeds are free upon request.

Browse our free seed kits to start your own garden!