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Wild Moon School of Unlearning

In session now! Join at any time! 

First session: September 22, 2017 to September 22, 2018.

Explore the world of nature, yourself, medicinal herbs, and wild plants 

as we journey through a year of growing together.

We will explore the world as we have been taught not to,

with our hearts and feeling sense, we will learn to trust our own intuition,

and we will reconnect with the earth and our wild as we return home.

I am here to help you remember.

There will be journeying into the natural world,

the self, the plant world and beyond.

We will forage, grow, create, and root.

Most of all, I hope you remember and rewild. 

This course is donation based. 

We believe earth wisdom should be passed down, shared, and available to all.

Living in harmony with the earth is fundamental to human existence, and

we strongly believe that by putting ourselves out there, we will be gifted what we need to thrive.

That is the community we believe in and strive to create. 

Help us help you.

Donations are not expected upon enrollment, or ever. We simply ask that you give as you feel, when you feel,

to help us continue to teach and grow.

You will receive your first email on the new moon following your enrollment . You will pick up where the rest of the class is.

Each month after, you will receive an email with a PDF containing information and activities, and whatever else flows in me to you.

We will be keeping a journal throughout this journey. The time commitment will be small, but immeasurable in worth.

The class will flow with the seasons of the Midwest United States, but all are welcome to join and use the tools as they apply to their areas.

To enroll visit the Contact page or fill out the form below. You can enroll anytime throughout the session.

To make a monetary donation please visit the Donate page or click the Donate button below.

Onsite Classes

Onsite classes are coming soon!

We are working hard on creating a center for learning here at Wild Moon Exchange.

Classes will be on various topics like homesteading, soap making,

herbal medicine making, gardening, foraging, fermenting,

whole food cooking, nature walks, yoga, and more!

You can help us make these classes possible!

You can make a monetary or material donation to

Wild Moon Exchange to help us finish our shala.

What we need to do to open: put a cement floor in our

existing structure, run electricity, install doors and windows, fix up the interior.

We hope to offer classes starting in the spring of 2018.

Your donation can help us get there!

We offer short videos online for the distance learner.

Please visit our YouTube channel or Video page to watch and subscribe.

All classes and videos are created with the mission of spreading

much needed knowledge of living in harmony with the earth.

Visit our Donate page to help spread the love.

Upcoming Events

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Be sure to keep checking. We hope to add some soon.

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