Wild moon Exchange Co.

Cinnamon Rolls + Muffins + Cupcakes + Cookies +More

Nothing says good morning like a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls warming in the oven!

Order yours and surprise your loved ones with that cinnamon aroma! 

Cinnamon rolls range from $8 up per half dozen, cupcakes and muffins start at $10 per half dozen and vary depending on variety and ingredients. 

Some of our specialties are apple cinnamon rolls, sour cream apple muffins, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream (our favorite), chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, rosemary shortbread, and oatmeal spicebush cookies.

Don't hesitate to contact us about your special treat or idea today!


Order a cake for your special occasion!

Cakes range in price from $20 up depending on the layers and ingredients.

Some specialties are drunken cherry chocolate, coconut cream, raspberry chocolate, and all sorts of delicious spice cake varieties.

The cakes are decorated with seasonal edible wild and homegrown plants and herbs.


You can order whole pies or personal pocket or hand pies!

Whole pies range from $10 up and pocket pies range from $24 up per dozen.

We try to stick with homegrown or locally grown seasonal varieties as much as possible.

Contact us to see what's in season!

Custom Order Homemade Baked Goods

You can order baked goods by Carli for your special occasion! Please allow at least a month's notice for cakes and pies and a couple weeks for cookies, muffins, and more. The prices given do not include shipping if/when applicable.

Restrictions and availability may apply.