Ethical. Sustainable. Natural.

Ethical. Ethical practices are at the center of Wild Moon Apothecary's mission. WMA uses only products that have been produced, harvested, and grown using ethical treatment of the workers, plants, animals, and the earth. This includes ethical practices when gathering for plant products that may endanger animal habitats, plant species, and human health and well-being. 

Sustainable. Sustainability is a big thing and it is taken very seriously at Wild Moon Apothecary. Absolutely no plants on the watch list or on the endangered list are wildcrafted or foraged for any reason. All wildcrafted plants are offered a gift and the whole plant is never put in harm's way. Roots are very rarely used in Carli's medicine but when they are, they are replanted or taken from plants that are being removed from her own garden. Only select leaves and flowers are removed from foraged plants, and the space is always left more beautiful than when encountered.

All bottles and packaging are reusable and it is highly encouraged to be reused, recycled, or returned. 

Natural. All natural is not just a catch phrase, it is a promise. All Wild Moon Apothecary products are formulated with natural ingredients to the utmost degree. The plants used are grown, harvested, and prepared without any chemicals or synthetics. Wildcrafted plants are only harvested from places away from roads, fields, and any other possible contaminating areas. The base oils, fats, and other ingredients that Wild Moon Apothecary uses in its products are of the highest quality. WMA does not use any products that may have been manufactured using added detergents, chemicals, or synthetics.

*Please note that all products and product information listed is for educational purposes only. 

Wild Moon Apothecary is the loving creation of Carli. She created her first herbal apothecary in 2002 under the name Peace of Mind Naturals and has since grown, learned, and experienced so much. As a child Carli had a magickal connection to the earth and knew that working with plant allies was her path. Through her many years of experience, Carli has shaped her herbal creations into the magick they are now. Each product is carefully handcrafted with intention in very small batches. The herbs that she uses come from her own personal loved and cared for herb garden sanctuary, or are wildcrafted, or foraged. All of Carli's herbs are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and from organic, heirloom, or saved seeds. Wildcrafted plants and herbs are harvested ethically and sustainably and are left an offering for their use. The goal in the coming years is to produce every bit of what goes into each product on the homestead with our hands.

Wild Moon Apothecary also consists of a Made by Mom line which features handcrafted herbal products, up cycled crafts, and other creations by Carli's mom, Tina. Tina also hunts for unique vintage finds and items with stories and feeling. It is such a beautiful gift to have two generations of creatrix coming together in one magickal shop.

*All  Wild Moon Apothecary are of Carli's own tried and tested recipes and are created using her extensive knowledge of plants, herbs, oils, nature, and the body. 

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Wild Moon Apothecary happily shares short videos on making herbal products, foraging and wildcrafting, intuitive herbalism, herbal safety, and more. 

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Tradition. Science. Magick.

Wild Moon Apothecary incorporates many methods of plant uses. Sometimes plants are used according to their traditional uses, or folk lore. Other times plants are selected for use based on their scientific properties or chemical constituents. But most often the plants are chosen intuitively by ways of feeling and the deep communication and connection that Carli shares with the plants. Carli practices her craft traditionally, paying close attention to the earth cycles, moon phases, sun, cosmic energies, and natural rhythms.

There is no doubt that magick, energetically speaking, is involved in every single step of the way when making Wild Moon Apothecary's products. This can include the sunshine used for infusions, the care and offerings left to the plants during harvesting or wildcrafting, the moon phase of planting, harvest, infusion, and more, and the love and feeling poured into each and every product. 

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Products + Practices

Wild Moon Apothecary is a single person operation. The herbs are grown, harvested, foraged, and prepared all by Carli. The time it takes for each herbal preparation varies. Herbs are harvested according to the natural cycle of the earth and products are limited to seasonal availability. Batches are small and when they are gone, they are gone for that season. In no way will an endangered plant ever be harvested from the wild for any purpose. 

Herbal medicine: Herbal medicine is the use and study of plants and herbs for therapeutic and beneficial purposes relating to the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It is a way to use plants to help restore the body to a state of homeostasis, health, or to prevent the onset of dis-ease. Herbal medicine uses different plants and parts of plants that have beneficial qualities depending on the specific plant. It is a holistic and natural approach to healing and wellness. 

Carli's herbal medicine: Carli practices herbal medicine that is not limited to the scientific definitions, constituents, or understandings of plants. She works with the plants and their spirits directly to incorporate a wholistic understanding of each plant and what they have to offer. She understands that plants have their own purposes and individuality, and when asked, they will show you the way. Carli limits her use of roots in medicine due to the damaging effect this can have on a plant. She sees magick in arial expressions and incorporates mostly flowers and leaves in her potions.

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