Wild moon Exchange Co.


Carli has always been drawn to nature, natural ways of healing, and deep thought and reflection. At the young age of six, she would wander into the woods and lose herself for hours. She remembers peaceful walks, making friends with all the creatures, finding nice trees to sit under and admire, and lying on the ground looking up and watching the clouds and birds fly by. Nature was calling to her.
In 2002 Carli started to explore the natural world of healing on her own (outside of what was taught to her by her mother about gardening and home remedies). She was prompted by her own intrigue, calling, and necessity. This is when she began her studies in herbal medicine, started making her own body care products, and embarked on her life-changing yoga journey. 
In 2008 she graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health (co-founded by Patch Adams) with highest honors with a Bachelor's of Science in Holistic Nutrition Studies. She then continued her studies and in 2010 graduated again with high honors with a Doctorate in Natural Health. Her areas of concentrated study during her doctoral studies were Ayurveda,  herbal medicine, naturopathic first aid, and holistic animal care. She also attended a wildcrafting program which helped her establish a deeper relationship with the earth, plants, and sustainable practices. Most importantly, and what she has found to be the most educational by far, are the many years she has spent with the plants themselves, growing and watching their natural rhythms.

In 2011, after nine years of regular yoga practice, Carli felt she was ready to take it to the next level. She attended a yoga teacher training in North Carolina. It was there that she was re-familiarized with many of the fundamentals of yoga, practiced yoga and dancing, and was inspired to be free and expressive. It was during this training that she attended her first ashtanga yoga class. After that first class, Carli felt an indescribable connection to the ashtanga practice and knew that it was her path. She had so much more growing to do and the method of ashtanga yoga was the tool to guide her in doing just that. She slowly worked her way up to a daily practice and attended many workshops and trainings led by "famous" ashtanga yoga teachers and teachers of other yoga lineages to broaden her knowledge and view.  It wasn't until her first workshop with Manju Pattabhi Jois, however, that she truly felt the beauty, giving, and healing of ashtanga yoga. There was a likeness of how Manju taught ashtanga yoga and how Carli always felt yoga was, healing, soft, fun, and lighthearted. That comforting connection to the traditional ways of teaching the practice inspired Carli to want to learn, practice, and share the beauty and benefits of this lineage. In 2016 Carli attended teacher training with Manju and now has his blessing to share ashtanga yoga, the method of yoga that changed her life, with others. 
Carli also studied at Purdue University, seeking to fit into a lifestyle that was not within her. She taught yoga while she attended classes and struggled to find her fit in a profit-oriented world. When she graduated from Purdue with a Bachelor's of Arts in Anthropology and minors in Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Psychology, she never pursued a career. Her reflective nature reminded her of her many teachers, since the age of seven, that had encouraged her to be a writer. So she again started writing, teaching yoga, practicing herbal medicine, and creating. She has since found a love for all things simple and slow. She loves baking, sewing, tatting, gardening, and, of course, all that goes into herbal product making. Carli followed her golden threads and happily ended up where she is today.


Welcome to Wild Moon Exchange Co. where we have big dreams of living sustainably and self-sufficiently in harmony with the earth while offering free food and classes to help and inspire others to do so as well. 
We aim to provide natural and effective herbal products, chemical-free homegrown fresh and dried herbs, homemade soaps, and delicious hand picked teas, and seasonal homemade goodies.
Wild Moon Exchange is a small homestead, herb farm, herbal apothecary, and soon to be educational center lovingly thought up and run by Jerry and Carli. We happily offer fresh produce, food items, eggs, and classes all free of charge to any and everyone. We believe in the power of community and helping us help you. This is our way of helping people gain access to healthy whole foods, giving back, and providing a stepping stone to a healthier and more natural way of living. 
The free/donation based classes that will be offered at Wild Moon Exchange will be on various topics all with the intention of self betterment and living in harmony with each other and the earth.  We wish to provide much needed education on things like gardening, herbal medicine, soap making, foraging and wildcrafting, homesteading, yoga, and more. By offering our classes for free we ensure that they are available to everyone and anyone interested.
We believe that the world is in desperate need of more people in connection with it and living in harmony with it. We hope to help spread the knowledge to do so and inspire others to take the first steps.

Learn more about us on the Homestead page and the Apothecary page.


Jerry has always felt a longing for something but never really found it. He knew that he enjoyed life more when he was outside either working hard, gardening and chopping wood, or just relaxing and taking it all in. Then he met Carli. She filled that longing through her ways of life. Jerry started his journey right then and there. In the last five years Jerry has opened his eyes to new and excited things. He started practicing yoga under Carli and has gradually gained the knowledge to have his own practice. Jerry has learned to appreciate the little things in nature and in life. He takes pride in work that is needed to fulfill the Wild Moon Exchange dream.  

Jerry enjoys spending his free time picking the banjo, the guitar, and learning slide guitar. Jerry loves all things musical and especially those with strings. He also enjoys building everything needed on the farm, taking care of animals, gardens, and making the land work for the homestead.

Alongside working at Boston Scientific as a Manufacturing Engineer Technician, Jerry designs, preps, and builds all of the outbuildings and structures needed on the farm from all recycled, re-used, or re-purposed material. He is a big believer in no waste and repurposing. Jerry hopes to spread his knowledge of reusing, repurposing, and healthy living to all that want to learn.